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What to say when you got dumped by someone you’re kinda flirting/liking?


You can’t force people to love you.

The thing is, I was kinda liking this girl, and we were talking everyday on whatsapp. Suddenly, she came to me, and told me she still loved her ex girlfriend and that she was thinking about giving another chance to her.

She told me they broke up, because her ex cheated on her.

I don’t know if I would do the same, if it happened with me, actually, yes, I know. I wouldn’t get back, this already happened with me. But I’m not her, and she loves the girl.

Was I upset at first? Of course.

But, what would I do? We were just talking, and she is still in love with her ex (actual) girlfriend.

So I told it to a friend of mine, told what I was feeling and SURPRISE, she told me what deep inside, I already knew.

The girl I was “in love”, came to me, and opened that she would come back with her ex, what I did? Well, at first it felt like a knife was pressed against my heart, I controlled my emotions, and wished her to be happy. And I really meant it.

She’s such a nice, kind and flawless girl. She deserves to be happy.

Yesterday I finally met her, didn’t knew how it would work, we went into a Japanese restaurant. we talked, laughed and we had so much fun. It looked like we knew each other for years.

I always knew I wasn’t good at romantic relationship, don’t know why, but something always goes wrong, even though I do my best to make the girl I’m with, happy and filled. But at least I’m good at making friends.

Sometimes, it’s not about being friendzoned, it’s about finding the right person, for the right kind of relationship.

I started looking at situations with other eyes.

And am trying to believe that someday I’ll find the girl for me :)

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